Step 1

Download the .zip containing the TRECE files.

Step 2

Snapshot for step 2

Edit index.php and change the word "inconceivable" (line 13) for another word. Remember: the harder to deduce, the better.

Step 3

Snapshot for step 3

Open tables.sql and replace every occurrence of the word "inconceivable" with the word you chose in the previous step. Replace. Them. All.

Step 4

Snapshot for step 4

In the same file, find the table formerly known as inconceivable_users and replace the fake email address with a real email address of your own.

Step 5

Now you can upload all these queries to your MySQL database.

Step 6

Snapshot for step 6

Open core/conf.php, go to lines 156 - 161 and replace the fake email configuration with the right one. This is the account to send eMails from TRECE.

Step 7

Snapshot for step 7

In the same file, lines 227 - 228, change the reCaptcha keys (public and secret) with yours. If you don't have one, Google provides them at

Step 8

Snapshot for step 8

Edit core/db.php to replace the fake database configuration with the real info.

Step 9

You're done! Upload to your site host all the files (except tables.sql, obviously).

Step 10

Snapshot for step 10

Visit your brand new TRECE installation, click on Sign in and tell TRECE that you «forgot or don't know your password». You will receive an email with instructions. Not sure if you'll have to search for it at the spam box, sorry.